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We’re on a mission to fast-track the wearable technology revolution!

Lumos Unplugged was founded with the vision to harness all the energy we are exposed to, to solve day-to-day problems that we face. Lumos Unplugged builds these energy-harnessing techniques into objects we carry almost everywhere on us – our clothes and accessories. From Solar Backpacks and Jackets that charge your phone on the go to Backpacks that reduce the burden on your back, Lumos is accelerating Wearable Technology developments and bringing them to you.

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About the team

Lumos Unplugged is designed for creativity – from people who are individually creative to having people from diverse backgrounds work with each other. It is this creativity that results in ground-breaking products. The founding team itself boasts of alumni of prestigious institutes. Lumos Unplugged also benefits from an excellent team of mentors drawn from varied backgrounds such as Marketing and Electrical design.